100% Beeswax Melts


A beeswax melt infused with the enchanting fragrance of jasmine night blooming is designed to evoke the serene and alluring atmosphere of a garden filled with blossoming jasmine flowers under the moonlight.



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Midnight Jasmine Bliss Beeswax Melt

As you unwrap the Midnight Jasmine Bliss Beeswax Melt, you are instantly transported to a tranquil garden at night, where the intoxicating scent of jasmine fills the air. This exquisite beeswax melt captures the essence of the enchanting jasmine night blooming, creating a sensory experience that is both soothing and captivating.

The beeswax melt is elegantly crafted into a small, intricately designed shape reminiscent of a blooming jasmine flower. Its delicate ivory hue pays homage to the purity and elegance of the flower itself, while its smooth texture is a testament to the high-quality beeswax used in its creation.

Upon melting, the beeswax releases a heady and sensual fragrance. The jasmine night blooming scent unfolds gradually, revealing layers of floral richness. It begins with top notes of fresh, green jasmine leaves that instantly transport you to the garden. As the melt continues to diffuse, the heart notes emerge, filled with the sweet, floral intensity of jasmine blossoms at their peak. The base notes provide a subtle warmth and depth, evoking the magic of a moonlit night.

Sensory Experience:

As the beeswax melt slowly liquefies in your chosen warmer, it transforms your space into a haven of tranquillity and romance. The scent envelops your senses, conjuring images of moonlit walks through lush gardens, with the subtle flickering of candlelight in the background. It’s an olfactory journey that soothes your mind and uplifts your spirit.

Place the melt in your favourite wax warmer or burner and let the fragrance infuse your living space, creating a serene ambience for evenings of relaxation or romantic gatherings.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Midnight Jasmine Bliss, where the allure of jasmine night blooming is captured in every subtle note, bringing tranquillity and elegance into your home.

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